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I T S B A C K !

[Owner] queenho A posted Jul 7, 17

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I am glad to say that the server is back up and running!! So get your lil Minecraft bootys back on the server!! See you all there!! <3 xox

U P D A T E .

[Owner] queenho A posted Jul 6, 17
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Hello, fellow CursedMC members. As some of you know, Ghost and I have ended our contract together, we left on a good note, so we are still good mates. I have decided to bring the old CursedMC back, the old survival, how it used to be, I will be the Owner along with queenho, the server is expected to be back up and running by the 10th, all donators will receive a package in-game as a reward from before, I will be revamping the whole entire staff team, so start re-applying, and I will be accepting/denying staff applications, I can't wait to see you all back, and CursedMC will never fall down. See you guys back.

Hello everyone! I am the owner zombie, I have decided to bring back the old CursedMC with just semi vanilla, the server is expected to be back up and running by the 10th of july, or less! Most staff will have been demoted and will have to Re-Apply, Ellie and I will be going through the applications to see who is suitible. Thanks for everyone who has stuck around, and we are expecting to bring alot of new players, all donations and votes are greatly appreciated, we are also fully EULA compliant so there is no disadvantages for new players! See you back.


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